• image1 "No experience is required what so ever"
  • image2 "EAL assists in the treatment or therapy of individuals with a range of mental and physical illness"
  • image3 "Our staff have considerable experience working with all aspects of horses"

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Further Information on Equine PsychoLearning
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Our EAL Horses

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Our Facilities

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Equine Assisted Learning Frequently Asked Questions

Equine PsychoLearning HorseIs Equine Assisted Learning safe?
Yes. Our staff have considerable experience working with all aspects of horses and will guide clients and visitors through the process with a great deal of care and awareness for both the horses and the clients.

What is Equine Assisted Learning (also known as EAL)?
Equine Assisted Learning or EAL is the process of using horses to assist in the learning of skills such as social skills, communication and emotional involvement, EAL is used in particular to assist children with Autism.

Do you need to have any horse riding experience or be used to being around horses?
No experience is required what so ever.

Will individuals learn to ride the horse?
Yes. The session involves working slowly and gently from the ground and then with the option to ride horses also.

Why should I consider working with horses as a form of treatment?
Horses innate nature mean they pick up or “read” the subtle reactions and body language. Horses are regarded as a divine mirror, reflecting human beings body language and can detect the core person with total honesty.

How might someone benefit?
The mere process of accomplishing an EAL session with the horses can give rise to an increased level of self esteem and self confidence.